For those wondering about the name of this site, the inspiration comes from my ZeroImage 2000 pinhole camera which has an aperture of f/138.


By day, I am a software engineer working on virtualization for Red Hat, but by night & weekends I am an amateur photographer. Much of my photography takes place around London, where I live, with short breaks around Europe providing alternate subject matter every few months. I can be contacted via e-mail dan at berrange dot com


At this time my photographic interests are focused on city architecture, and macro work on plants & nature


I use a variety of cameras, chosen depending on the daily mood. A modern Nikon D90 is my current day-to-day camera of choice. For ultra portability a tiny Canon IXUS fits in my pocket. Film isn’t entirely dead, so I also have a Nikon FM2 and a ZeroImage pinhole.

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  1. Kayvon Sadeghi

    thanks for the article on Polar alignment for Star Adventurer. I found the manual tedious and help non-existent on their web site. I was about to return the machine (still might). but this takes me one step further.


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